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Religious Themed Resources: Camden Market Style

Camden Market

   Religious Themed Resources
 Gangnam Camden Market Style

I thought the tea lamp might match
 my mothers hideous glass flowers?

 Teaching REsources
(See what I did there?)

So, getting into the world of blogging I came
across a post on a DIY crafts site,
which gave me some inspiration for an RE teaching resource!

Spending my night making Religious Tea Lights isn't exactly the most cool nor fashionable, however, it definitely beats doing a dissertation! Love procrastination....

Firstly all you need is:
  1. 1 Jam Jar (All I could thank about was jam on toast while making this...)
  2. Religious Writings (Or pupils can write their own prayers/thoughts/feelings)
  3. 1 Tea Light / Candle 
  4. Ribbon or Thread!
  5. Glue/Scissors 

For the newspaper part, it is very important to stress to the pupils that they should not be ripping pages out of their Bibles or Qur'ans!
Instead I opted for religious leaflets which held nice passages.

Anyway here is the more fashionable bit. While on a trip to London back in May, myself and some friends took a visit  to Camden Market.
And instead of heading off to the stalls with all the vintage clothing.. and shoes.. and jewellery... and anything else a young, 20 year old student MAY be interested in, I headed straight to an Indian themed shop named Araucaria.

Yes, my friends couldn't believe that I was more bothered about hunting for teaching resources first either.
(They also didn't appreciate traipsing after me while trying to pick out my favourite Buddha statue....)

A Photo I took of the shop on my arrival
The shop was actually great, I bought numerous items I intend to use in class, mostly postcards with images as well as lots of cool bracelets. Here is a  link to their ebay site if anything takes your fancy, as we can't all be popping to Camden (after all, we are teachers, we don't have time for shopping!)
I was also very excited to see they also have a blog: 

They have lots of newspaper items such as boxes and bags, which I used to put in my tea-light.

The Tea-Light can be used for cross-curricular purposes, such as Art. Now, there is a reason why I do RE and not Art as my specialism. In fact there are many reasons why I didn't choose Art in general. That's because I cannot draw/paint/make anything that is decent.. 

Creativity? Maybe. Artistic talent? NONE.
You will never, ever, ever see me confidently teaching an Art class. If you do, you will definitely see plenty of Blue Peter moments:

"Here's what I did earlier" translating to: "Hey, here is a lovely store bought/ internet stolen internet resource I am going to take full credit for..."

So here is the finished Product! Not the most wonderful piece of Art you will see any time soon (especially from me) but I have given it a go!
Use the tea lights in any Christian themed lesson, when looking at the topic of 'Light' ('Jesus is the light of the world'/ Amnesty International ect)
Or it would work really well when teaching the subject of Diwali and the festival of lights! Just a few ideas!

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far!
T xx

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